BingX: Will EigenLayer Airdrop Result in A Crash of Ethereum Price?

The highly anticipated EigenLayer (EIGEN) airdrop is set for May 10, marking a significant moment for the Ethereum restaking project. EigenLayer has garnered immense popularity among investors, many of whom have specifically acquired ETH for staking to earn EigenLayer points in anticipation of the airdrop. However, with a large portion of the token supply being distributed at once, concerns are swirling about the potential impact on Ethereum’s price.

EigenLayer’s Airdrop Mechanism and Its Allure

EigenLayer’s airdrop mechanism is designed to distribute roughly 15% of its total token supply. This popularity stems from EigenLayer’s position as the most promising and prominent restaking project within the Ethereum ecosystem in 2024. What truly sets EigenLayer apart is its superior security and enhanced compatibility compared to its competitors. These advancements translate into several key benefits for the Ethereum network:

  • Reduced Entry Barriers for New Public Chains: Budding blockchain projects can now leverage Ethereum’s secure network of nodes without incurring the exorbitant costs associated with establishing their own infrastructure. This paves the way for increased innovation and growth across the entire blockchain landscape.
  • Increased Accessibility for Node Operators: Traditionally, running a node on Ethereum necessitated a minimum stake of 32 ETH, a substantial financial hurdle for many users. EigenLayer effectively dismantles this barrier by allowing participation with smaller ETH holdings, democratizing the process of securing the network.
  • Unlocking Staked ETH Liquidity: Previously, ETH staked for node validation remained locked. EigenLayer disrupts this by unlocking this liquidity, empowering users to utilize their staked ETH in other DeFi applications and projects, thereby boosting overall capital efficiency.

These advancements not only solidify the Ethereum ecosystem, but also have the potential to significantly bolster EigenLayer price.

Potential Price Impact: Boom or Bust?

While the airdrop presents an exciting opportunity for EigenLayer token holders, concerns linger regarding the potential impact on Ethereum price. After the airdrop, many users who receive EIGEN tokens may choose to sell them, leading to a surge in selling pressure on the EigenLayer price. With the current OTC price hovering around $0.17, a potential drop of around 50% to $0.08 is expected due to this anticipated selling pressure. As a consequence, Ethereum’s price could also experience a downward trend in the short term.

However, the long-term outlook for both EigenLayer and Ethereum appears more positive. Following the initial selling pressure, EigenLayer’s price is expected to rebound due to its position as a prominent and well-regarded restaking project. A potential 10x increase in price in the long run can be expected.

Closing Throughts: A Temporary Dip, Followed by a Rebound

The EigenLayer airdrop is likely to cause a temporary decline in the price of both EigenLayer and Ethereum due to the anticipated selling pressure. However, the long-term outlook for both projects remains optimistic. EigenLayer’s innovative solutions and established position within the Ethereum ecosystem suggest a potential for significant price appreciation in the future. Ethereum, too, is expected to recover from the short-term dip as the broader market adjusts to the airdrop. While there may be a period of volatility following the airdrop, both EigenLayer and Ethereum appear well-positioned for long-term growth.

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