Oneness Secures Seed Funding To Tear Down the Boundary Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

In a landmark move for the gaming industry, Oneness Labs has announced the closure of a US$4 million seed funding round, setting the stage for a transformative era in gaming that completely removes the boundaries between Web2 and Web3, which remains an unachieved aspiration in this field. This funding round saw significant contributions from the Dubai Ruling Family and Finewill, a joint venture of Wemade and Mirana Ventures, demonstrating strong confidence in Oneness Labs’ vision and its pioneering Oneness Matrix, the Modular Gaming-Intent BTC Layer 2, to onboard billions of gamers and unlock trillions of transactions.

Oneness Labs is also the chosen publisher of the USD100 million Web3 gaming fund led by Wemade and Whampoa Digital.

The Oneness Matrix: A Revolutionary Gaming OS (NASDAQ for the game industry)

Oneness Labs is at the forefront of innovation with the development of the Oneness Matrix, the world’s first Modular Gaming-Intent BTC Layer 2 designed for consumer-grade games. The Oneness Matrix aims to migrate the $200 billion traditional game industry to Web3 and unlock new massive consumption-and-transcation-driven gaming scenarios. It represents a groundbreaking approach to gaming, offering a seamless, user-friendly interface that promises to lure the 4 billion gamers into the vast possibilities of blockchain technology.

Slated for a beta release in Q2 2024, Oneness Matrix is keenly anticipated by the gaming community. The platform’s inaugural game, launching at the end of 2024, aims to dissolve the barriers between Web2 and Web3 gaming, starting with a strategic penetration of the MENA market.

A Foundation of Excellence

The successful funding round is a testament to the exceptional team behind Oneness Labs. Led by Professor of the Practice Harald Quintus Bosz from MIT, the technical team comprises esteemed alumni from top universities, including MIT, Stanford, and Columbia University.

This team of scientists and technologists, in collaboration with the core and C-level teams from Funplus and Xterio, brings a wealth of experience from developing multi-billion dollar consumer-grade games.

Innovative Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Oneness Labs is redefining the gaming experience. By focusing on a ‘non-crypto’ user experience and supporting the extremely high-performance demand for consumer-grade games, the team aims to make blockchain-based games accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience. This includes developing proprietary technologies such as the zk-VRP (Zero-Knowledge Variable Randomness Protocol), which ensures fairness of the game assets and introduces new gameplay possibilities by securely generating and distributing random numbers within games.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Web3 Gaming

The future looks promising for Oneness Labs, with several partnerships already secured with globally renowned Mega game IPs. The company has an extensive portfolio of games scheduled for publication, indicating a robust plan for leveraging its seed funding to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Oneness Labs‘ vision extends beyond the immediate future. By addressing the real pain points in games through innovative, fully-encapsulated packs of protocols and ensuring a seamless integration of consumer-grade games with blockchain technology, Oneness Labs is poised to lead a significant shift in how games are developed, published, and played.

About Oneness Labs

Oneness Labs is pioneering the integration of Web2 and Web3 gaming through its innovative Oneness Matrix, the Modular Gaming-Intent BTC Layer 2. Backed by a team of experts from the world’s top universities and the gaming industry, Oneness Labs is dedicated to delivering a transformative gaming experience that combines the best of both worlds. With the support of prestigious investors and strategic partnerships, Oneness Labs is set to redefine the gaming ecosystem and bring blockchain-enabled gaming to a global audience.

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