Revolutionizing Social Interaction in the Real World: UXLINK Empowers Web3 Industry Growth and Adoption

Singapore: The recent approval of BTC ETF and the application for ETH ETF in the United States, along with the increasing acceptance of blockchain technology in countries like Argentina and Indonesia, indicate the upcoming emergence of the social era of Web3. Although Web2 social applications have 4.8 billion users, the infrastructure for Web3 social interaction is still evolving to enable widespread adoption and rapid user expansion.

UXLINK, the leading Web3 social infrastructure, not only focuses on constructing a technological foundation suitable for mass adoption applications but also establishes a data infrastructure based on real-world social identity for early users and developers while providing fundamental social application services.


Operating on EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum L2 Chain, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Base Chain, among others, the UXLINK Protocol is a decentralized social network that links real-world identities. Users within the UXLINK network possess individual accounts and social connections that can seamlessly transition across various applications. The protocol employs a hybrid scalable architecture (EVM+IPFS+Cloud) to support mass adoption scenarios, storing identity and relationship data on-chain and processing intricate business scenario data off-chain to facilitate applications utilizing the UXLINK Protocol.

Driven by a series of on-chain contracts on the EVM, the UXLINK Protocol is specifically optimized for social contexts to reduce user on-chain operational costs and optimize application performance. The creation of an identity within the UXLINK network is rooted in real-world social identity, delivering a framework for mapping real-world social identities and relationships within the network. Through UXLINK’s social calculation and recommendation features, developers can significantly enhance their applications’ capabilities and user experience in terms of social growth and service recommendations.

By consolidating off-chain social identity details, on-chain asset information, and data from decentralized storage protocols, UXLINK constructs users’ social relationship networks, empowering Web3 developers to concentrate on delivering superior services and content without the hassle of constructing user social networks from scratch.

For more information about UXLink and its services, please visit UXLINK Website.





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